At HIbrow we are trained to master level and offer all types of styles.

Hair stroke effect:

Powder brows:

Combination brows:

Ombre brows:


Blade & Shade:

you may only have 1 style or it may be ideal for your skin and desired effect to mix a few! whatever you need here at HIbrow we endeavour to provide you with the best results.

BROWS - £345

Split payment option - £25 booking - £220 session 1 - £100 session 2 (4-6 weeks later)

Eyeliner Enhancements

Top and bottom liner: this is an enhancement line (not thick) and adds definition to the eyes

top and bottom £295

just top £185

just bottom £185

Latino liner:

If you like your liner a little thicker this liner creates a bolder look.

Latino top liner £250

bottom added £100

Butterfly/shaded top liner:


Gloss it & Go Lip blush

This technique is a lip line blended into a lip blush great for adding balance to the lips too, you will also be given a plumping lip balm pen so when your ready you can just gloss it and go!


no split payment options are available for the lips

Beauty spot

A beauty spot is a great addition to your pretty face and still a popular procedure!


Colour boosts

all permanent make up fades over time so your colour will need to be boosted. Colour boosts are one session only,

6-12 months £95

12-18 months £150

18-24 months £200

after 24 moths a new set fee will be applied.

*please note I only carry out colour boosts on my own work, if you are new to me but have had a semi permanent make up procedure previously a new set is always required as I will need 2 sessions to implant new shaping and pigment.

consultations are free, a patch test can also be provided during consultation.